Nine Inch Nails – The Day The World Went Away tab

Nine Inch Nails "The Day the World Went Away"
From "The Fragile" album
Tabbed by: The Apocalyzard

The Apocalyzard; beginning his quest to accurately tab as many Nine Inch Nails songs
as he possibly can.

I'm fairly certain that every song on the entire "The Fragile" album is tuned to
Drop-D. Around %70 sure, to be exact. There is no real way tell, but, most of the
time, it doesn't matter because the song can be played both ways. Now, I THINK this
song is in Drop-D, but there is a part that tells me otherwise. However, that part
can be being played by a separate guitar. The part in question is heavily distorted,
so I can't really tell. Ah, well. On with the tab.

~ = Let the note ring out
x(Number here) = The number of times to pick/strum a note/chord
/ = Slide

Tuning: D A D G B e

Opening Chord (Probably played by a keyboard, but a guitar works just as well)e|------------------|B|------------------|G|--6-~-------------|D|--x-~-------------|A|--4-~-------------|D|------------------|
Main Riff (First Variation)This is HEAVILY distorted and LOUD, as well.e|--------------------------------|B|-6-----4------------------------|G|-6-----4-----------------6------|D|-6-----4-----2-----4-----6------|A|-4-x8--2-x8--2-----4-----4------|D|-------------2-x8--4--x7--------|Play all of this exactly FOUR times.
This is played by Guitar Two, over the Main Riff.It starts around 0:53 into the song.e|-------------------------------------|B|-5-------2-------4-------1-----------|G|-7bend---4bend---6bend---3bend-------|D|-------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------|Play this EIGHT times.
This is played by Guitar Three, over the Main Riff and Guitar Two's riff.It starts around 1:08 into the song.e|-------------------------------------|B|-17-------14-------16-------13-------|G|-19bend---16bend---18bend---15bend---|D|-------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------|Play this FOUR times.
After all the riffs are played, the guitars STOP and the bass plays the main riff.Then, while the bass is still playing, an acoustic guitar is played. It starts ataround 1:52. This is what it plays.e|-----------------|B|-0-5-5-6-6-7-7---|G|-1-6-6-7-7-8-8---|D|-----------------|A|-----------------|D|-----------------|Play this FOURTEEN times. Once you play it an EIGHTH time, begin strumming it slowerand slower.
The Main Riff plays again, except with another guitar playing something over it. Thisis what Guitar Two plays.e|-------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------|G|-6-----4-----------------------------|D|-6-----4-----/-9-----8-----9---------|A|-4-x8--2-----/-9-----8-----9---------|D|-------2-x8--/-9-x8--8-x8--9---------|Play this SIX times while Guitar One plays the main riff SIX times, as well.
And then, the song suddenly stops. End.
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