Nine Inch Nails – Starfuckers Inc tab

Starfuckers, Inc. 
By Zakk Valensky  ( 
 b   bend 
 gb  gradual bend 
 pb  pre-bend 
 br  bend and return 
 bp  bend then pull off  
 /   slide up 
 \   slide down 
 ~~  vibrato 
 h   hammer on 
 p   pull off 
 PM  palm mute 
 X   muted or scraped note 
 H   harmonic 
 (#) I think I hear this note,but maybe not.or.sounds cool with it there... 
 *** tremolo pick 
 [: :] repeat 
 Dropped-D tuning 
e-------------- B-------------- G-------------- D----2---2----- A----2---2----- D----2---2-----
e--------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------- G---------X--13-13-13------------------- D--9\12---X--13-13-13---12---14-14---9-- A--9\12---X--11-11-11---12---14-14---9-- D--9\12---X-------------12---14-14---9--
OR Like This... e--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G--9-9-9-9---6-7---3-3-3-3-3h2--7- D--9-9-9-9---6-7---3-3-3-3-3h2--7- A--7-7-7-7---4\5---1-1-1-1-1h0--5- D---------------------------------
CHORUS into VERSE G-----------9gb------- D--6--7--9------------ A--7--7--5--5--------- D---------------------
2nd VERSE D--5-- repeated BRIDGE "all our pain..."
e--0--0--0--0------- B--0--0--0--0------- G--5--4--2--1------- D--2--2--2--2------- A--2--2--2--2------- D--2--2--2--2-------
Next CHORUS D--2-2-2-2-2-2-2---- [3:33] G--12b13--11b12--10b11--8b9----
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