Nine Inch Nails – Even Deeper tab

NIN - Even Deeper 
By Zakk Valensky  ( 
 b   bend 
 gb  gradual bend 
 pb  pre-bend 
 br  bend and return 
 bp  bend then pull off  
 /   slide up 
 \   slide down 
 ~~  vibrato 
 h   hammer on 
 p   pull off 
 PM  palm mute 
 X   muted or scraped note 
 H   harmonic 
 (#) I think I hear this note,but maybe not.or.sounds cool with it there... 
 *** tremolo pick 
 [: :] repeat 
 Bassline d--2--2--0--5--- 
 Can be played just as... 
e------------ B------------ G------------ D--2----2---- A--2----2---- E--0----3b-----
e-------0--0-0-0--- B--10---8--8-8-8--- G---9---7--5-6-7--- D---7---6--X-X-X--- A---7---7--7-7-7--- E---0---0--0-0-0---
e------------------------------------- B------------------------------------- G--10--7--9--13----------------------- D-----------------12\14/12------------ A---------------------------15--14---- E-------------------------------------
BREAK w/ slide
e--------------------- B------------12--9---- G------------12--9---- D-----14/12----------- A--14----------------- E---------------------
e------------------------ B------------------------ G--7-7-7-7-7-7\8/7\\\\--- D--7-7-7-7-7-7\8/7\\\\--- A--7-7-7-7-7-7\8/7\\\\--- E------------------------
OUTRO D--9/7-7/6-- Strings
e-------------------------------- B----------------------------9--- G---------------------10-7-9----- D--5\7--5\9--5\6\7--------------- A-------------------------------- E--------------------------------
Rusty Nails -
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