Nine Inch Nails - Closer To God tab

this is the song "closer to god" by NIN from THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL. it is featured on disc 
of the Deluxe Edition and is a remix to the song "closer"

b=bend string

Beginning (all of this is played really fast)1----------------------------------|2----------------------------------|3----------------------------------|4--0(really fast 24 times)---------|5------5-7-------------------------|6----------6-----------------------|
this part is around 1:37 in the song, and i think it is actually played on the keyboard(play multiple times)1----------------------------------|2----------------------------------|3----------------------------------|4----------------------------------|5---66h77h88h99--------------------|6----------------------------------|
pre-chorus this part is sorta a screech sound...i think this sounds pretty close
1----------------------------------|2----4\24--------------------------| "24" not "2...4"3----4\24--------------------------|4----------------------------------|5----------------------------------|6----------------------------------|
there ya go! theres a lot of other stuff going on in the song, but i think that this is of the guitar parts. listen to the song to get the # of times you play each part and timing Random_Hero
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