Nirvana - Buffys Pregnant tab version 1

Title: Buffy's Pregnant
Album: Fecal Matter Demo

Tuning: Standard

Verse Verse FillI---------------I------------------|II-------6-6-6-6-I-6-4--------------|II----4--5-5-5-5-I-----5-4-3--------|II----4--3-3-3-3-I-----------5-4-3--|II---------------I------------------|II---------------I------------------|I
Post ChorusI----------------------------------|II----------------------------------|II----------------------------------|II----------------------------------|II---------0-0-1-1-2-2-1-1-0-0------|II-3-3-4-4---------------------4-4--|I
Solo Just make noise =D This is an original tab, one that I've had tabbed out for a few weeks now, but decided submit once i saw there were no accurate adaptations of this song available. I have another song from the Fecal Matter Demo tape submitted to this site, and I'll submit more. Until then if you have any comments/insults just e-mail me at Enjoy
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