Nirvana – More Than A Feeling tab

Nirvana- More than feeling

x- Palm mute with fretting hand

This riff is continued throughout the song. Towards the end, you can clearly hear, what I think is a second guitar, playing the following riff...
... which is the intro to Teen spirit! Very wierd! Info on this song: This is a cover of a song by Boston, however, Nirvana only play about 50 seconds of it. It is more of a jam, than an actual song. It can be found on Outcesticide Vol. 5- disintergration. The sound is sketchy, cos the recordings not brilliant, but I'm pretty sure this is accurate. i couldn't find a tab for this song, (the Nirvana way) on any of the sites I checked, so I decided to do it myself. Enjoy! any questions/comments welcome:
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