Nirvana – Come As You Are tab ver. 2

PART Ae|------------|--------------------------------|B|------------|--------------------------------|G|------------|--------------------------------|D|------------|--------------------------------|A|------------|--------0---0---------2-------2-|E|------0-0-1-|--2~~-----2---2-2-1-0---0-0~~---|=0D
PART B F#5 Ae|--------0~~--------|---------------------------|B|--------0~~--------|---------------------------|G|-------------------|--2--2--2--2~~----2--2--2--|D|--4-4-4------4-4-4-|--2--2--2--2~~----2--2--2--|A|--4-4-4------4-4-4-|--0--0--0--0~~----0--0--0--|E|--2-2-2------2-2-2-|---------------------------|=0D / V / V V / V / V / V V / V=0D
PART C B De|--------------------|-------------------|B|.-------------------|--3-3-3-3~~-3-3-3-.|G|--4-4-4-4~~-4-4-4---|--2-2-2-2~~-2-2-2--|D|.-4-4-4-4~~-4-4-4---|--0-0-0-0~~-0-0-0-.|A|--2-2-2-4~~-2-2-2---|--0-0-0-0~~-0-0-0--|E|--------------------|-------------------|
/ V / V V / V / V / V V / V=0DSOLOe|----------2~-|----------2~-|----------2~-|--4~~--2-----|B|--2~~--5--2~-|--2~~--5--2~-|--2~~--5--2~-|--2~~--2--5~-|G|--2~~--2-----|--2~~--2-----|--2~~--2-----|----------2~-|D|-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|A|-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|E|-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|=0D
END CHORD ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]=]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]ARRANGEMENT: Intro AAAA F#m Verse AAAAe|--2~~~~~~--| Verse AAAAB|--2~~~~~~--| Chorus BBBBG|--2~~~~~~--| Verse AAAAD|--4~~~~~~--| Bridge CCA|--4~~~~~~--| Break AA SOLO(4times)E|--2~~~~~~--| Chorus BBBB Bridge CCCCCCCC Ending AAAA END CHORD
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 93 22:53:35 EDT From: (Mr.Scary) the correct version (the last 2 B's were originaly Bb) --- Come As You Are =============== This is a very simple song, and this should get you started. I'm not sure ------------------------------- about the chords during the chorus, but ------------------------------- this riff is palyed during most of ------------------------------- the verses. -------------------------------
--- Mr.Scary (Gary Chapman) ---------------------------- From: (MR RYAN K KRAUSE) Date: Sun, 6 Oct 1996 15:30:50, -0500 Subject: complete come as you are nirvana tab Come as you are On Nevermind and Unplugged in NY Written by Kurt cobain and Nirvana After seeing how much all the other tabs on this file SUCK or are incomplete makes me XXXXing mad!!! So I posted the 2nd best version only to what Cobain, Novoselic, and Grohl wrote. I have took the song apart into intro, verse1, verse2, pre-chorus, verse3, chorus, solo, pre-chorus, chorus and, outro. I have it tabbed for 2 guitars, 1 bass guitar, and 1 lead singer (Unplugged in NY version) but for you idiots not in bands, at the end of each section I'll tab it all out for 1 guitar, 1 bass, and 1 lead singer(Nevermind version) but you can mix it up like 1 acoustic or 2 electrics. Whatever? Well I'll just stop boring you and get on with some Nirvana tab. Tuning GUITAR BASS DGCFAD GDAE Chords |1|2|3|4|5|6| A|0|2|2|2|0|x| F#|1|1|2|3|x|x| E5|x|x|x|x|2|0| F#5|x|x|x|x|4|2| B5|x|x|x|4|2|x| D5|x|x|2|0|x|x| Key ^=hammeron v=pulloff /=slide up \=slide down ~=let note ring NH*=natural hramonics [#]=ghost note, play it both ways and stick with what works for you @=bend to note in parentheses |--|=4/4 measure |----|
|--o| |----|=repeat |----|
|--o| |----|
Intro _________________________________________________ Gtr. 1 plays that 2 times then Gtr.2 and bass join in for 1 more time chords are optional to some how somewhere stick them in with chorus effect pedal
F#5 E5G 1|--------------------|--------------------------|U 2|--------------------|------------------------o|I 3|--------------------|--------------------------|T 4|--------------------|--------------------------|A 5|------------0---0-|------------2-------2--o|R 6|-0-0-1-2---2----|-2-2-1-0---0-0-------| / /play noteonly first time through
B 1|----------------|------------------|A 2|--------7----7-|-------------9-o|S 3|-7-8--9----9-|9-8-7---7-7-o|S 4|----------------|------------------|
Verse 1 _________________________________________________ G exact U same I thing T as A guitar R intro B same A thing S as S intro Lyrics: I took the verse apart by measures so you can get rhythm Come as you are As you were As I want You to be As a friend As a friend As an old Enemy Verse 2 _________________________________________________ Lyrics: Take your time Hurry up The choice is yours Don't be late Take a rest As a friend As an old Pre-chorus _________________________________________________ I used bar breaks to determine measures, measures are the same for both guitars. 0n Unplugged in NY Kurt tends to strum mostly on the 4 lowest strings. In the pre-chorus Cobain plays the chords and I think it's Pat Smear??? GUITAR 1 F# A Memori | a___|_ Memori | a___|_ Memori | a___|_ Memori | a___|_ GUITAR 2 (rhythm)
NH*------------2|--5\3-3v0-|-0~~~~~~~`o| 3|--------------|-------5~2~0~o|
BASS 3|-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-|-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-| Verse 3 _________________________________________________ Lyrics: Come doused in mud Served in bleach As I want You to be As a trend As a friend As an old Pre-Chorus _________________________________________________ same Chorus _________________________________________________ I used : to split the measures instead of | not to be confused with | or l GUITAR 1 B5 D5 : Well I : swear that I : B5 D5 : Don't have a gun : No I don't : B5 D5 : Have a gun : No I don't : B5 D5 : Have a gun : GUITAR 2 (rhythm)
BASS 4|-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-|-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-| Solo _________________________________________________ Play intro twice then Gtr. 2 and bass repeat intro under solo GUITAR 1 w/distortion and feed back
Outro _________________________________________________ Play prechorus then chorus back to pre-chorus end in 1 line of intro Well, thats it. I will soon post H00 U R by PJ I'm still looking for the intro it's not 100% correct yet so any help will be appreciated. I also want Rage Against the Machine: Bulls on Parade and any STP, send Ryan Krause (me) the tabs at , your reward H00 U R and more PJ and Nirvana tabs. THANX a bunch and be nice, there is 5.6 billion other people who could kick your ass.
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