Nirvana – Talk To Me tab

normal tuning e,a,d,g,b,e

e[-3-3-----------3/1-1-1---------]a[-----2-2--3-3----------1-1-1-1-]d[-------------------------------] introg[-------------------------------]b[-------------------------------]e[-------------------------------]
e[------------------]a[------------------] d[------------------] not completely sure of how many timesg[---3(x28)---------] just listen to the son and follow itb[------------------]e[------------------]
chorus the chorus is the same as the verse solo im not exactly sure of the solo i know he is playing low on the fret board then he goes to the middle on the 4 th string(d) then he goes low again then he goes high on the 5 th and 6th string (a,d) on the first five frets i can get it to sound similar i just cant really tab it so ab lib it tabbed by mike if you want more tabs by nirvana cause alot of these in here arent very accurate in my opinion
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