Nirvana – Tourettes tab ver. 2

Play 7 times from intro/4 times for verse/and 8 times outro.

{E}[---------------------] {B}[---------------------] {G}[---------------------] {D}[-4444-8888-9999-5555-] {A}[-4444-8888-9999-5555-] {E}[-2222-6666-7777-3333-]
////////////////////////////// This is what is played during the Chorus (At least I think so)
{E}[----------]{B}[-4-3-34-0-] {G}[----------]{D}[----------]{A}[----------]{E}[----------]
///////////////////////////// It's a fairly simple song, but fun to play, and definately worth accolade. Then again, it sounds identical. :) Welp, that's it people, i'm outa heeeeere.
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