Nirvana – Unplugged In Ny tab


Ok, most of this, I've done in chords, but some of it is done in tab. Anyway,
here's the set list:

1- About a Girl
2- Come a you are
3- Jesus doesn't want me for a sunbeam
4- Man who sold the world
5- Pennyroyal Tea
6- Dumb
7- Polly
8- On a Plain
9- Something in the way
10- Plateau
11- Oh me
12- Lake of fire
13- All apologies
14- Where did you sleep last night

NOTE: This isn't a pinpoint perfect tab. I'm only gonna give the basic choruses,
verses and intro's etc. but I'm not gonna say the song structure, as that's not to
hard to work out for yourself.

Track 1- About a Girl 
Obviously, like all songs on this album, this sounds best acoustic.

The chords needed for About a Girl: Em G C#5 G#5 F#5 e|---|-3-|---|---|---|b|-0-|-0-|---|---|---|g|-0-|-0-|-6-|---|---|d|-2-|-0-|-6-|-6-|-4-|a|-2-|-2-|-4-|-6-|-4-|e|-0-|-3-|---|-4-|-2-|
Inro: Em G Em G Em G Em G I----- need an easy friend, Em G Em G I do, with an ear to lend... Chorus: C#5 G#5 F#5 Take advantage while, C#5 G#5 F#5 you hang me out to dry, C#5 G#5 F#5 but I can't see you every night, Em G free. Then play Verse two and chorus: After second chorus: Em G I do, Em G I do... Then go into solo:
e|-----------------------0-----------3--3--3--|b|-----------------0--0-----3--3--3--3--3--3--| Play this 4x forg|-----------0--2-----------------------------| the solo.d|-----0--2-----------------------------------|a|--------------------------------------------|e|--0-----------------------------------------|
Then play the first verse again, then a final chorus. After final chorus play: Em G I do, Em G I do... Play about 8x until end of song. ________________________________________________________ Track 2- Come as you are Intro:
F# E F# A G E Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be, F# E F# as a friend, as a trend, as an old memory... A D Em A D Em Memor--------y, Memor--------y... G A F# E When I swear, I don't have a gun, A F# E no I don't have a gun... ________________________________________________________ Track 3- Jesus doesn't want me for a sunbeam (Lightly strummed chords) D Am C Jesus don't want me for a sunbeam, D Am C sunbeams, aren't meant to be like me. Dm Am C Em Don't expect me to cry, for reasons, are to die, Dm Am C don't ever ask a guy like me. Chorus: E5 D5 Don't expect me to cry, E5 D5 don't expect me to lie, E5 D5 Bm Am don't expect me to die, for thee. K, there's the verse and chorus, that's all I know of that song. ________________________________________________________ Track 4- Man who sold the world Intro: h- hammer on
e|------------------------| |-----|b|------------------------|Repeat|-----|g|--2--2--2--0--2-h-3--0--|three |--2--|Let this note ringd|------------------------|times |-----|a|------------------------| |-----|e|------------------------| |-----|
A Dm We passed upon the stairs, spoke of was and when, A7 F although I wasn't there, he said I was his friend C A which came as some surprise, I spoke into his eyes, Dm C I thought you died alone, a long, long time ago. Bridge:
e|--------------------| |-----------------------------------------|b|--------------------| |--3---1------3---1---1--1----------1-----|g|-----------------0--|x2|--------------------------3---3-------2--|d|--------0--2--3-----| |-----------------------------------------|a|--0--3--------------| |-----------------------------------------|e|--------------------| |-----------------------------------------| Who knows, not me, we never lost control...
e|------------------------------------------------------|b|--3------1-----3--1--------------1------------1-------|g|------------------------2----2-------3---3--------2---|d|------------------------------------------------------|a|------------------------------------------------------|e|------------------------------------------------------| ...your'e face, to face, with the man who sold the world.
For the outro, play the following chords, then play the intro riff, after each chord. (Listen to CD for timing) A7 Dm F Dm ____________________________________________________________ Track 5- Pennyroyal Tea Intro: Am G Am G I'm on my time with everyone, Am G I have, very bad posture. C D Bb Sit and drink, pennyroyal tea, C D Bb destill the life that's inside of me, C D Bb sit and drink pennyroyal tea, C D Bb I'm anemic, royalty. Then play verse 2 and second chorus. Verse 3: A G I'm on, warm milk and laxatives, A G cherry flavour antacids. Play the final chorus then the outro. Outro: G A G Am ___________________________________________________________ Track 6- Dumb Em G I'm not like them, but I can pretend, Am C the sun is gone, but I have a light, Em G the day is done, but I'm having fun, Am C Em I think I'm dumb, or maybe just happy. Riff One: Cello arranged for guitar. This is the cello bit, that plays after each line of the chorus. I'm not entirely sure of the accuracy of this riff, but it's the closest I could get. Played on a second guitar.
Chorus: Am Think I'm just happy, (cello bit) Em Think I'm just happy, (cello bit) Am Think I'm just happy, (cello bit) There's the bare essentials to that song. ___________________________________________________________________________ Track 7- Polly If there's one song in this tab that I'm 1 million percent sure of the accuracy, it's this one. Intro: E5 G5 D5 C5 Verse: E5 G5 D5 C5 Polly wants a cracker, E5 G5 D5 C5 think I should get off her first, E5 G5 D5 C5 I think she wants some water, E5 G5 D5 C5 to put out the blow - torch. Chorus: D5 C5 G5 Bb5 Isn't me, have some seed, D5 C5 G5 Bb5 let me clip, your dirty wings, D5 C5 G5 Bb5 let me take a ride, hurt yourself, D5 C5 G5 Bb5 want some help, help myself. This whole song is entirely made up of those two chord sequences. _____________________________________________________________________ Track 8- On a Plain D Gsus2 F5 E5 I'll start this off, without any words, D Gsus2 F5 E5 I got so high, I scrathed til I bled. D C B A Love myself, better than you, D Gsus2 F5 E5 I know it's wrong, so what should I do? Chorus: D Gsus2 Bbsus2 I'm on a plain, D Gsus2 Bbsus2 I can't complain. F5 E5 A5 Somewhere I have heard this before, F5 E5 A5 in a daydream, memory has stored... That's pretty much it. ____________________________________________________________________ Track 9- Something in the way Ah, now, Something in the way is one of my least favourite Nirvana songs, so I can't be bothered tabbing it. If someone emails me a tab for it, (address is at foot of page) I will add it to this album tab, (and of course give that person credit) Anyway moving swiftly on... _______________________________________________________________________ Track 10- Plateau Intro/Verse:
Play that 3 times then play:
For the verse, guitar one plays the intro riff, while guitar two plays the following chord sequence: A G Many a hands, have scaled the grand ol' faceth off plateau, G E5 some belong to strangers, some the folks you know... Chorus: D Dsus4 Nothing on the top, but a bucket and a mop, G A and an illustrated book about birds, C Am see alot up there but don't be scared, D E5 who needs actions when you've got words. _____________________________________________________________________ Track 11- Oh Me OK, since this song DOES have a second guitar in it, and it seems nobody has tabbed the second guitar part, I decided to take the liberty of doing it myself. So here it is, the second (or background) guitar to Oh, Me. The chords in oh, Me are:
G C Am Dm e|--3--|--0--|--1--|--0--|b|--0--|--1--|--3--|--1--|g|--0--|--0--|--2--|--2--|d|--0--|--2--|--0--|--2--|a|--2--|--3--|-----|--0--|e|--3--|--0--|-----|-----|
G If I had to lose a mind, C if I had to touch feeling, Dm Am I would lose my soul, the way I do. G I don't have to think, C I only have to do it, Dm Am the results are always perfect, that's all new... This chord sequence continues throughout the song. __________________________________________________________________ Track 12- Lake of Fire Intro: (~~~~~~- vibrato)
A G C Where do bad folks go when they die, A G D they don't go to heaven where the angels fly, A G E5 they go to a lake of fire and fry, A G C don't see em again 'til the fourth of July. Verse: Am People cry and people mourn, G look for a drive place to call their home, C try to find some place to rest their bones, D all the angels and the devils try to make em their own. _________________________________________________________________ Track 13- All Apologies Intro:
Repeat first bar, then play: |--2--2--0-----| |-----------3--| |--------------| |--------------| |--------------| |--------------|
End of song: (This is the "All in all is all we are" bit)
Track 14- Where did you sleep last night K, luckily this song only has one chord sequence throughout the entire song, and is really easy but fun to play. Em A G My girl, my girl, don't lie to me, B F# Em tell me where did you sleep last night, Em A G in the pines, in the pines, where the sun don't ever shine, B F# Em I would shiver the whole night through... Repeat til end of song. _______________________________________________________________ Right it's taken me a while, but I'm finished. Hope you enjoy the tab. Any questions or comments, (or a tab for something in the way) please send to Also please rate this tab, cos I worked really hard on it and it took me ages! Later.
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