Nirvana - The Man Who Sold The World Acoustic chords

Simple song but first tab so go easy, constructive criticism appreciated, childish abuse 

Standard tuning, capo on 4th, (or if you don't have one just cut a chopstick in half and 
it down to the fretboard with a shoestring or something)

Just experiment with different strumming patterns, I tried a cheeky
'D-D-U-U-D-U' and it seemed to was listenable. Just make sure you hit the high strings 
the upstrokes.

For an easy little intro on the one string, see the tab below (s=slide, repeat 3 or 4 
and in between verses).

Alternatively, just mess around with E and Am for an intro.

e --------------------------------------------------------|B --------------------------------------------------------|G --------------------------------------------------------|D ----2-2-2-0-2s3-2-0-------------------------------------|A --------------------------------------------------------|E --------------------------------------------------------|
(Nothing played here) EWe passed upon the stair
AmWe spoke of was and when
EAlthough I wasn't there
CHe said I was his friend
C GWhich came as a sur-prise
EI spoke into his eyes
AmI thought you died alone
GA long long time a-go
COh no, not me (mess around with high e string here if you like)
F CWe never lost con-trol
G CYou're face to face
F EWith The Man Who Sold The World (repeat Intro here)
EI laughed and shook his hand
AmAnd made my way back home
EI searched for form and land
CFor years and years I roamed
GI gazed a gazeless stare
EAt all the millions here
AmI must have died a-lone
GA long, long time a-go
CWho knows?
CNot me
F CWe never lost con-trol
G CYou're face to face
F EWith the Man who Sold the World Am
Optional; repeat the last bit
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