Nirvana – Polly tab ver. 2

the second chord in this dosn't sound right. the rest sounds preaty good , but tell me if you figure out what the second chord is.  Feel free to complain or congradulate, or whatever you want to do.
Okay here it goes,

Intro play 6xs E--------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------- G---------------------7--7---5--5--5--5-------- D--2--2----5-5--5--7--7---5--5--5--5------- A--2---2---5--5--5--5--5---3--3--3--5------ E--0---0---5--3--3------------------------------
Chorus play 8x's E------------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------- G--7--7---5--5--5--5-------------------------- D--7--7---5--5--5--5---2--2---5-5-5-5---- A---5--5---3--3--3--3---2--2---5-5-5-5---- E---------------------------0--0---3-3-3-3---
Interlude play 2x's E------------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------- G------------------------------------------------- D------------------0-0-------------------------- A--------------------------3-3-3-3-------------- E-0-0--3-3-3-----------------------------------
Song Structure Intro 6x's Chorus 8x's Intro 6x's Chorus 8x's Interlude2x's Intro 6x's Chorus 8x's These lyrics are the ones Kurt says. they are listed different on the lithium single, but this is what it actully says on Nevermind Polly wants a cracker, Think I should get off her first, Think she wants some water, To put out the blow torch, Isn't me, Have a seed, ? Let me clip, Dirty wings, Let me take a ride, Cut yourself, Want some help, Please myself, Got some rope, Have been told, Promise you, Have been true, Let me take a ride, Cut your self, Want some help, Please myself, Polly wants a cracker, Maybe she would like some food, She asked me to untie her, A chase will be nice for a few,? (chorus)I don't want to write it out again Polly said, Polly says her back hurts, She's just as board as me, She caught me off my guard, Amazes me the will of instinct (chorus) that is it! I hope you enjoy this song because it is a great song. NIRVANA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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