Nirvana – About A Girl tab ver. 7

About a girl
by nirvana
performed on bleach (1989) and MTV Unpugged in New York (ACOUSTIC VERSION) 
tab by: Diego Sacristan (Colombia) (

this tab is about MTV Unplugged version, so:

Tune all the guitars 1/2 step down (eb,Bb,Gb,Db,Ab,Eb)

Chords used:

Em:  022000
G:   320033
C#5: X466XX
G#5: 466XXX or 4466XX
F#5: 244XXX
E5:  022XXX
A5:  577XXX
C5:  355XXX  


2 guitars:

    Em     G    (8 times)

1st verse: E G E G I need an easy friend E G E G I do...With an ear to lend E G E G I do...Think you fit this shoe E G E G I do...Won't you have a clue Chorus: C#5 G#5 F#5 I'll take advantage while C#5 G#5 F#5 You hang me out to dry E5 A5 C5 But i can't see you every night Em G E G Free Em G E G I do 2nd verse: E G E G I'm standing in your line E G E G I do...Hope you have the time E G E G I do...Pick a number to E G E G I do...Keep a date with you Solo: Guitar I: (4 times)
Guitar II: Rhytm. line (4 times) E G E G After the solo: 2 Guitars: C#5 G#5 F#5 C#5 G#5 F#5 E5 A5 C5 E G E G (4 times) Then repeat the 1st verse and the Chorus line Ending: E G E G... etc
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