Nirvana - White Lace And Strange tab

This is off of the Nirvana “With the Lights Out” and I kind of liked the song, so I tabbed
it. And I cannot believe how crappily everybody else tabs it.  I’m positive this is correct,
I’m not completely sure about the chorus, yet that is the way I think Kurt may have played
it. It’s pretty easy. I tried to get some of the solo in, but I just couldn’t figure it
all out, so I would just play the part of the solo that is tabbed for the first 8 measures
and improvise on the rest of the 16 measures.

Meter: 4/4

8 measures of Bass intro, then this: e e e q e +e q q e s s s s s s s se|------------|-------------------------------------|B|------------|-------------------------------------|G|o-----------|------------------------------------o|D|o-----------|----------0-h2-p0-h2-p0-h2-p0-h2-p0-o|3xA|----------0—|-(0)-1--2----------------------------|E|-0-0-0-4----|-------------------------------------|
Verse and 2 bars before verse: e e e q e +e q q e e e e +eE|------------|------------------------|A|------------|------------------------|G|o-----------|-----------------------o|D|o-----------|----------0-h2-p0-h2/*-o|5xA|----------0-|-(0)-1—-2---------------|E|-0-0-0-4----|------------------------|
Chorus: e e e q e e e +e e e q e e e e e e q e e e +e e e q e e ee|-----------------|------------------|----------------|------------------|A|-----------------|------------------|----------------|------------------|G|o-9-9-0-9—-9-0-9-|-(9)-9-0----------|-9-9-0-9—-9-9---|-----------------o|D|o-9-9-0-9—-9-0-9-|-(9)-9-0-9—-9-9-9-|-9-9-0-9—-9-9-9-|-(9)-9-9-9—-9-9-9o|2xA|--7-7-0-7—-7-0-7-|-(7)-7-0-9—-9-9-9-|-7-7-0-7—-7-7-9-|-(9)-9-9-9—-9-9-9-|E|-----------------|---------7—-7-7-7-|--------------7-|-(7)-7-7-7—-7-7-7-|
Solo:(q)e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e ee--------------|-----------------|-----------------|------------------------|B--------------|-----------------|-----------------|------------------------|G----------0-2-|-2-4-4-4-4-5-6-6-|-6-7-7-7-7-8-9-9-|-9-10-11-11-11-11-11-11-|D--2-2-0-2-----|-----------------|-----------------|------------------------|A--------------|-----------------|-----------------|------------------------|E--------------|-----------------|-----------------|------------------------|
|---3---||---3---| |---3---|
e e e q q e +e e e e e e q q q q q q q q q q q (q)e-------------------|------------------|-------------------|----------------|B-------------------|------------------|-11-10-8-----------|----------------|G-12-12-12-11—-9—-7-|-(7)-9-9-7-9-9-9--|----------11-12-11-|-10-11-10-9-----|D-------------------|------------------|-------------------|----------------|A-------------------|------------------|-------------------|----------------|E-------------------|------------------|-------------------|----------------|
And just improvise on the rest of the solo for the remaining 16 measures since it’s pretty much undistinguishable.
Ending Part: e e e q e +e q q e s s s s s e.e|------------|-------------------------------------|B|------------|-------------------------------------|G|o-----------|------------------------------------o|D|o-----------|----------0-h2-p0-h2-p0-h2-/*-------o|3xA|----------0—|-(0)-1--2----------------------------|E|-0-0-0-4----|-------------------------------------|
Last 2 Bars: e e e q e +e q q e e (e.)e|------------|------------------|B|------------|------------------|G|------------|------------------|D|------------|----------0-2-----|A|----------0—|-(0)-1--2---------|E|-0-0-0-4----|------------------| Fine.
Tab and Value Legend -------------------- q=quarter note value e=eighth note value s=sixteenth note value .=dotted note that adds half the value to the whole value values in parenthesis indicate that that duration is rested /=slide up /*=slide up to an indefinite point fret numbers in parenthesis indicate that the duration is tied from the previous bar + = value tied to previous value |--3--|=indicated triplet above the values
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