Nitrous - Bled tab

Tabbed by Josh Green,sk8pnk2001.
this is another great song fromthis upstart band. I have not figuered it all ut yet but I will post the rest of the tabs at a later date. This is played in D tuning(D,G,C,F,A,d)introd-------------------A-------------------F-0000000000000000--repeat x2C-0000333300003333--G-0000111100001111--D-0000000000000000--
versed--------------------------------A--------------------------------F--------------------------------C-0x004h5p40x005/7\50x004b0x00765repeat x4G-0x004h5p40x005/7\50x004b0x00765D-0x004h5p40x005/7\50x004b0x00765
bridge(slide from each chord)d-----------------A-----------------F----0---0---0---0C---7---9---5---4-repeat x1G--5---7---3---2--D-0---0---0---0--- :: Ultimate Guitar Archive ::
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