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From Sun May  4 10:27:51 1997
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 11:18:59 -0600 (CST)
Subject: TAB:Fellowship by The Nixons, from the album Halo.

Fellowship by The Nixons from the album Halo,
Tabbed by Michael Brooks

This song is in Drop D tuning.

Intro/Main riff F D# F C#e--------------|-------------------------||B--------------|------------------------.||G--------------|-------------------------||D-3--3--xx-1-3-|-/11--11--11-11-11--11---||A-3--3--xx-1-3-|-/11--11--11-11-11--11--.||D-3--3--xx-1-3-|-/11--11--11-11-11--11---||
Chords D# F G G# A# C C#e-------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------|D--1----3----5----6----8----10----11--|A--1----3----5----6----8----10----11--|D--1----3----5----6----8----10----11--|
Okay, Here is the song. Since this version is from their small-time album Halo, the words will be a little different from the version on Foma. But 98% of it is close enough. If you have Halo it will be perfect. But for those of you who want to play that cool lead in the intro from Foma. I tabbed it out. /bend and hold
-The Song- F G G# I cannot believe it. D# I've heard all your stories, and read every page of your F G G# good book and your balance book. A# But, I just don't see what you need from me. F G G# Do not judge this soul D# based on the time that I spend in your temple. F G G# Get off my T.V. don't need A# 1-800 to be free; C# C F D# F because He's got my heart and I know C# C F D# F I know that he needs nothing more from me. C# C F D# F He's got my heart and it's D# all he needs... F D# F C# F D# F C# My fellowship he is one. All I need is inside. F D# F C# F D# F C# fellowship, he is one. -continue rest of the song as above- Reverend Deceiver, high in your tower you need my money to live. Then I say that you can die, for I do not agree that he needs my silver. He's got my heart and I know, I know that he needs nothing more from me. I await His call.... ali Allah in come free. Fellowship he is one. All I need is inside. Fellowship he is one. -ad lib- -guitar solo w/vocals- Reverend Deceiver you need my money to live. In your tower above your bronze praying hands. Should've been bigger, Should?ve been bigger Maybe then he could hear you clearly Softly and Tenderly. -ad lib- Get off my T.V. A# C# For I do not agree that he needs my silver. He's got my heart and I know I know that He needs nothing more from me. I await his call...ali Allah in come free. Fellowship is one. All I need is inside. Fellowship of one. One. -ad lib- Should?ve been bigger. Should?ve been bigger. All I need is inside. My fellowship ONE!
-now for that pesky solo stuff. This is the only leadguitar for the version on halo, The end leads from Fomaare beyond me. Also since I am not their guitarist,I can only tab it out as I hear it I hope it is goodenough for ya... here goes nuttin-e--------------------------------------|------------------|B--------------------------------------|------------------|G--------------------------------------|------------------|D--------3--3------------3-3---3---~~~~|--------3-3----3--|A--3\(4)---4--4-----3\(4)-4--44--4-3---|--3\(4)--4--44----|D--------------------------------------|------------------|
|this part I'm not sure of|e-------/half----------------------------------/half----|B-1--(1)------------1h2p1-0h1p0-1h2-~~~~--4---1---------|(1)G-----------------------------------3---3---------------|D-------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------------------------|
-ends with- F G G# F Lastly, the bass follows the rythm extensively; so it shouldn't be hard to play with the whole band after one run through. This is my first transcription, I hope it's good. Please E-Mail me with any comments and or corrections | | /___\|/____ More to come... \ /|\ | |
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