Nlt - She Can Get It tab

			   She Can Get It - NLT
Tabbed by:Me[[nltlover4life]]

Well this is my first tab and the first song i have tabbed by ear... uh i might not be
but this is what sounds right to me... but please correct me if i am wrong... and for
reason it doesn't sound right unless you play it with the song... well to me anyways... 
i hope it is right.... and i hope you enjoy...


e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------3---4-------|G|-------3-2-----3-2-------3-2-----3-2-------3-2-----3-2-----3---4---3-4---|D|-----5-----------------5-----------------5-------------------------------|A|---3---------3-------3---------3-------3---------3-------3---------------|E|-3---------3-------3---------3-------3---------3-------3-----------------|And this is basically the whole song right here...
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