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Date: Wed, 08 Oct 1997 16:09:32 +0200
From: Olle Wik 
Subject: NO EXCUSE creature chords and lyrics

Em Em C C H H G F# F Em

You are the creature,
Em         C

You are not from this world
Em    C     H      Bb

You are the creature
Em         C

Evry one is locking for you   Repeat the vers one time before the Chorus
Em    C     H      Bb



You have got the voice of a demon
Em Em Em Em Em Em Em Em Em Em

Repeat verse ones then play intro with this text:

You are the creature from hell, you have come to take my life

You are the member of the satans pack, and you will still you're
hunger on flesh an blood

Then you play it all one more time.
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