No-man - Beautiful Songs You Should Know chords

Am      Dm

AmI want to play you
Dmall the beautiful songs you should know.
AmI want to save you.
Dm Gwith the beautiful songs we can grow.
I breathe in the light.
Fmaj7I breathe in the life.
Gloving arms and cowboy guns,
Fmaj7mothers holding wayward sons.
Gbreathe in the light,
C Dm F G F Gbreathe in the life.
FI want to give you
Gall the beautiful dreams you can bear,
FI want to show you
G Call the possible ways we could care.
Open the door,
Dmbreathe in the light.
Fmorning sunshine on the leaves
G Ccancels out the city freeze.
Open the door,
Dmbreathe in the light.
Floving arms and cowboy guns,
Gmothers holding wayward sons.
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