No Use For A Name – Kill The Rich tab

No Use For A Name – Kill The Rich

Strumming: Listen to the song!^^
To get the same sound as on the record, use powerchords!
Tabbed by Don Guitar

Verse: E C#m The sky is still falling, is there any end in sight? A Am And some are talking to themselves as missiles fly through the night E C#m But in the beginning there were words with half a cause A B Now everyone is singing it and waiting for the applause Chorus: C#m B A G#m They don't think about you when the payments keep on coming A B But only to use you for a way Vers: E C#m To make themselves appear like an angel in the room A Am They soothe their guilty conscience and tell it what to do E C#m Synthetic compassion and some poor-mouth bad advice A B To get ahead they lay in bed and sleep safe all through the night Chorus: C#m B A G#m A million to nothing, like zombies they are frightening A B Just smile and wave and pass on by C#m B A G#m Denial is so strong but the guilt just keeps it going A B E and gives them a reason to say "hi"
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