No Use For A Name – Biggest Lie tab

BY : Eldar E.

all the chords are power chords of course!!!
the guitar is tuned Drop D or half step down!!!!
C | Eb (low chord) | D | Bb | Eb (higer chord) | D |X3

C | Bb | Eb (low)

C                        G#
The writing's on the wall, but no one cares at all
Bb                    Eb                  
To convey the message that we wrote ourselves
G#                       Eb                          Bb
Destroy the walls we mend and burn the candle at both ends

(I really think we are)
G#                          Eb
Becoming more mindless of the heart
(Becoming everything we hate)
Building our castles for the future
(A Trojan horse is at the gate)
G#                     G
Built by the enemy that we made
C                    G# 
It's false sincerity, we hear celebrities
Bb                            Eb
"Buy a hybrid if you can" with ten years of your food stamps
G#                        Eb                           Bb
Caught myself listening to sheltered excuses for human beings

(So it becomes elite)
G#                       Eb
They separate then what have we got?
(Nothing in common with their wealth)
Bb                          Cm
One clip can change public opinion
(One sin can send you straight to hell)
G#                           G
Learned how to lie and not get caught
More piss in the melting pot

C | Eb (low chord) | D | Bb | Eb (higer chord) | D |X4

G#                     Eb
Shut out majority with riches
(Their words become more valuable)
Bb                                  Cm
Then the voice of a million starving children
(That they have a million ways to solve)
G#                          G
Left freedom bleeding on the roadside,
We believe the biggest lie.

C | Eb (low chord) | D | Bb | Eb (higer chord) | D |
C | Eb (low chord) | D | Bb | C

ENJOY !!!!!!!!
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