No Use For A Name – Let Me Down chords


Band: No Use For A Name
Artist: Tony Sly
Song: Let me down
Album: Live Acoustic versions
Tabbed by: Joachim Heck


D She's never alone,
A Bm because she's scared of what she might say to herself
A D F#m Always drinking in the backroom of the bar where
Bm A G everyone turns in
A A half-hearted grin
D She won't be afraid
A Bm as long as that prescription keeps going through
A D F#m And all the happy pills make her look like cardboard
Bm A G cut out of someone,
A I use to learn from
Bm A G But on the phone, she's telling everyone,
D F#m that there was a blue sky, she left behind
Bm A G And there's a place that no one knows about,
Em G A Away from integrity she writes a book in her head that nobody will read
D A Bm G
D Whatever you say,
A Bm please don't talk about the time when she was young
A D F#m Apparently that was a different person and so
Bm A G long ago it's strange to me,
A there's no history
Bm A G But there's a past and she's telling everyone
D F#m It must be a garden, that wouldn't grow
Bm A G With roots of shame, too sensitive to blame
Em G A herself as we watch he drown, I can't save the queen without a kingdom or a crown
(some solo stuff) D A Bm G
D F#m Somewhere in this lonely game of sympathy
Bm A there is a selfish dream
G (A) That makes me sick
D F#m Standing on the high wire while you're on the ground
Bm A G To you what is dangerous is safe and sound...
You let me down (outro) D A Bm G
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