Noah And The Whale – I Have Nothing chords

From the new Noah and the Whale CD.

Chords: (standard tuning)E----------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------|G---8------7-------8-------7------5------------|D---8------8-------10------8------6------------|A---6------5-------10------8------6------------|E------------------8-------6------4------------|
Eb Eb/D Cm Bb Ab Intro(with the humming): Eb Eb/D Cm Bb Ab x2
EbI have nothing
Eb/D Cm I have no one
Bb AbAnd I've been so quickly set free
EbI love nothing
Eb/D Cm I love no one
Bb AbAre words you whisper in my mind
Eb AbTo someone I don't know x2
EbTo someone
(same as above) So walk with me on this new spring morning I'll walk with you, till your fears are none I'm a new baby weeping at the flower you're keeping That without love, it'll wilt and die I need your life in my life x2 I need your life So come back to me my darling I'd do anything to be at your side I'd be anyone to be at your side I need your life in my life x2 I need your life Its pretty much the same rhythm for the whole song. Go out and buy the cd, and play with it!
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