Noah And The Whale - Rocks And Daggers tab

CAPO on 4th fret

The intro and the first section are based on the chords "C" and "F" major


E F:
E---------------------------|B---------------0-----------|G-----2---------------------|D--------3------------3-----|A-----------3------3--------|E-----1---------------------| x4
Chords and lyrics: (the autoformatting here messed up some of the alignment but just use your ears) The C rocks they will always hold in the sea and erosion can't stop their F being oh no currents can de- C feat them and I am F thankful for the love these rocks have always C given And al- C though this boat is steady now one wave could pull me F under and I'll be stranded out at C sea and I will F pray that those rocks will be there for C me and the G sun always shines down on C your shoes could be a G C blue blue christmas for you 'cos when the G C sun always shines down on your shoes could be a G C blue blue christmas for you G C x3 G C x 4 double time I love the G C way that your hair is always neat and your G C skirts fall below your knees and your G C love is so pure and so clean G C Oh, it comforts me (x4) I love the G C way that you're always surprised oh, to G C find truth in all my lies 'cos you G C trust me and ignore my disguise G C Oh, it comforts me (x4) G C D x4 G Em D But there's no need to play with my heart (x15)
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