Noah And The Whale - Slow Glass chords version 1


E ----------------------------------------------|A ----------------------------------------------|D ----------------------------------------------|G ---------------------------------7------------|B ---5--6--------------5--6--6--5---------------|E ---------8------------------------------------|
AWe'll sing love songs about heartbreak and grief
GSing it's not just music but the pains not brief
AWe sing, how your love is like a knife to the back
GWell I was stabbed and bleeding
but still begging for attack CHORUS
A Em7But I was looking through slow, slow glass
Alooking through slow
Em7slow glass
AWell I heard you been singing
Well I was, what I am
G AWell I never tried to change you, honey I'm your biggest fan
and I loved you back then but I don't recognize you now
GYeah in fact we're almost strangers and I don't know how,
A Em7but I've been looking through slow, slow glass
A Em7Yeah I've been looking though slow, slow glass
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