Noah And The Whale - Peaceful The World Lays Me Dow chords

Intro: G

GOh, well it's hard to look deep into your soul.
Not everything you'll find will be perfect gold.
Am C GThere are ghosts and demons that hide in the dark.
Am C GOh, they wait till I find love and then the-e-y laugh.
GOh, they know that my body is no way good enough.
Know that my heart is no way strong enough
Am C GTo bare the sorrow that love brings.
Am C G When i coil in fear, oh, the de-e-mons sing-
Am C Goh it's a hollow love for a heart with no blood in its veins.
G AmOh, there is no endless devotion,
G Amthat is free from the force of erosion.
C GOh, and if you don't believe in God,
C Ghow can you believe in love?
C G C GWhen we're all just matter that will one day scatter,
Am C Gwhen peaceful the world lays us down.
G AmOh and finding love is a matter of luck,
G Amand unsettled lovers move from fuck to fuck.
C G C GOh, and compare their achievements like discussing bereavements
C G C GAnd compare their abbrations with romantic quotations,
Am C GOh, as peaceful, the world watches down.
G AmBut oh we were blown out of the water.
G AmOh, and we walk on the feet we have grown.
C G C GOh And we were given a heart, of which love is a part.
C G C GOh, and we cornered the thing from which all life will spring.
Am C GAnd it gave value to the world that surrounds us
G AmBut we consider the world just for a moment
G AmOh and its gone before we even know
C G C GOh but ill follow it round yeah ill follow it round
C G C GOh ill follow it round yeah ill follow it round
Am C GTill peaceful, the world lays me down
End on: G
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