Noah Gundersen – Dying Now chords

Dying Now
Noah Gundersen

Standard Tuning

(Verse 1)
G Gsus4 G D EmSail on, gypsy of my heart. You’ve been hanging around
Gsus4 GYou’ve been with me from the start
G Gsus4 G D EmSail on, sail on silver girl, you’ve been spinning too fast
Gsus4 GI could tilt a world
Gsus4 G Bm7 EmI’ve done a lot of living in this town
Gsus4 G D EmI’ve done a lot of flying with my feet on the ground
Gsus4 G Bm7 EmYou can’t build your bridges after you’ve burnt them down
Gsus4 G D Gsus4You’ve done a lot of living but I’m dying now (dying now)
(Verse 2)
G Gsus4 G D EmHow long, how long will it take, for you to learn your lessons
Gsus4 GFrom all your mistakes
G Gsus4 G D EmHow long until the well runs dry? Your bucket’s coming up empty
Gsus4 GYou’re wondering why
(Bridge): G Gsus4 G D G Gsus4 G Gsus4 G Bm7 Em Gsus4 D Gsus4 G (Verse 3)
G Gsus4 G D EmSo long, everything must go, but I can’t leave it behind
Gsus4 GIf I’ve never really known
G Gsus4 G D EmAnd so long to nothing matters now, who knows if I stand a chance
Gsus4 GBut I’m trying anyhow
Chords: G: 3x0003 Gsus4: 3x2013 D: 554030 Em: 022000 Bm7: 021202
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