Nobodys – Im Ugly tab

This is the song from the album "The Smell of Victory" except for the small
guitar solo I'm not sure about. My email is if you
have questions. Listen to the song for the rhythm. The Nobodys own. Stop
listening to gay ass pop punk you heard on the radio and buy a Nobodys album.

Verse 1: The girl I love loves another man...--------------------------------------------------8--6------------ x 4-8>---8--6-------------8>---6--4-------------6>-------------------
Chorus: I'm ugly! ----------------------------------------------------8------------- --8--6--8--6--9--8------8--6--6--6--9--8------6--4-----4--7--6----
Verse 2: Same as Verse 1 It's not my fault that I'm a disgrace... Chorus again: Same as above. Ending: Same as intro.
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