Nobunny - Mess Me Up chords

So this is super easy, and I was surprised and disappointed when i couldnt
 find a good version of it on here but then i tried it myself and was pleased 
with how fun and easy this fun-ass song is to play. So:

(little blues bit thing played for the next "mess me up." its super easy, just a standard bluesy type generic thingy thats basically just an E and then an F)
(then just play the bluesy type generic thingy for the "tear it apart, tear it apart" line)
C#m A C#m BYou can spit in my face you can tell me lies, you can run around town with all kinds of guys
E----------> A B Ebut if you FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL like a hurtin me baby that's all right
(dunno if this is actually the right lyric but he switches everything up so much live that it dosent really matter!) and that's pretty much it. just do this for the rest of the lyrics and its golden. such a great song, such a great band. lots of people hate on him and this style of music because it's so simplistic but what's wrong with making music everyone, even beginners, can enjoy playing themselves? great stuff. Remember: Love Visions, not Blood Visions (although Blood Visions is also a good album)
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