Nobuo Uematsu - Celes tab

			     Celes Theme (Final Fantasy VI)

Tabbed by kickstep

goddard.william AT (replace " AT " with @)

This is my first tab, i know its not perfect but i think the scale is alright, doesn't sound too bad.
I haven't played the game in years and this is off memory too.. i know it's incomplete

Try playing a ~ on notes (which is why i use 5 on B instead of 0 on e)

e----------------4---2-4-5-5-4-2-----------------------------------------|B--2-3-5---2-3-5-----------------5-5-5-----5-3-2-1-2--4-2-1-0-1----------|G--------2-------------------------------------------------------4-4-2---|D------------------------------------------------------------------------| A------------------------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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