Nocturnal Rites – Me chords

Me by Nocturnal Rites
The chords are lined up to match the Lyrics.  If there doesn't seem to be a Chord 
playing on the word that's because you should be playing the chords prior to it, 
ex: chords left over from the verse to the Chorus.
(Opening Piano is a simple C minor Arpeggio  leading to Broken Inversions of the same chord)
Verse 1:
Cm Bb Cm One, yes one more drink
Bb G# Fm CmOne last cigarette and I am on my way
Bb Cm Bb CmOh last night, it's all a haze
Bb G# Fm G Here I pave my way through filth and broken glass
G# Fm Something is not the same
Cm BbSomething is different from before
G# Fm Guess that I, I guess I died
G G# Bb inside Oh
Chorus: (The first Chord can be substitued for the previous Bb chord, whatever you think sounds right)
Eb Bb Cm G# When there's nothing more
Eb BbWhen I'd tried it all
Cm G# Bb GCome and gone, when the odds were close to none
G Fm Cm G#When the moment's there
Eb BbThe divide I beware
G# Bb CmThen it's me, it's only me
Verse 2
Cm Bb Cm BbTorn, still torn and bruised
G# fm CmBut I've had my run, and I, I'll see it through
Bb Cm Bb Cm All for you, my sweet farewell
Bb G# Fm GOh, I can't believe that I survived this hell
Repeat Chorus Female Vocal Solo: (I'm not going to write "Ooh" over and over again, becuase that's just stupid. These chords start just as the female vocalist comes in so count the beats so that you play the chords for the right amount of time) Em (8 beats) B (8 Beats) Em (4 Beats) C (4 beats) B (8 Beats) Em (8 beats) D (4 Beats) B (8 Beats) Closing Chorus: (Modulates Up a Half Step from C minor to C# minor. Again the First two chords can be substituted for the previous B chord if it sounds odd to you)
E B C#m AWhen there's nothing more
E BWhen I'd tried it all
C#m A B AbCome and gone, when the odds were close to none
C#m AWhen the moment's there
E BThe divide I beware
A B C#mThen it's me, it's only me
Outro: Beats start as the singer says "Me" C#m (8 beats) A (4 Beats) G# (4 Beats) C#m (8-16)
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