Noel Gallagher – Whats It Got To Do With You chords

Song: What's It Got to Do With You?
Artist: Noel Gallagher
Tuning: Standard

G = 320033
Dsus4 = xx0233
Cadd9 = x32033
Em7 = 022033

Introduction: G, Dsus4, Cadd9, Em7

G Dsus4Ask me how I feel
Cadd9 Em7I've got another day and a half to spare
G Dsus4It'll probably make you squeal
Cadd9 Em7Sympathise but you never prepare
Do you really want to know? Or is it just so you can laugh at me? Say I'm sad and you say so It's your attitude Is what you thought it to be What must my friends think of me? There is another world, there has to be Don't harass me no more Can we talk about something else now please? I don't want to say anymore Can we talk about someone else now please? She said I didn't understand She said I didn't care Well it's just not true It makes me think that it was bad What's it got to do with you? Well it's got nothing to with you It's got nothing to with you Outro: Cadd9, Em7
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