Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds – Freaky Teeth chords

Song: Freaky Teeth
Artist: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Album: N/A (only played live)

Em = 022000
C =
Am =
G = 
B7 =
D =

Introduction: Em

Em CThe angels are coming down
Am On the darkness on the edge of town
They came to steal the lightning from the sky
Em CWell the vision of the show
AmBut your love might not be enough
To free you from the fears that paralyse
Am CHeaven's gonna help you through the waves
EmSave your soul
Am CNow they're gonna help you through the night
G B7You go to go to steal whatever you like
EmIt's your horror
CAnd your wife
It's your horror All over the night And they left you for the dogs To lick your bones
C DThey parade you feel the rain
G B7But they love you just the same
CBefore your God
DAnd the Devil
EmTook your soul
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