Nofx - I Wanna Be An Alcoholic tab

Pretty easy song
Sometimes the second guitarist plays octaves instead of chords.
Just remove your finger on the d string.

Guitar 1e|------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|--5-5-555--7-7-777------------------|D|--5-5-555--7-7-777--3-3-333--5-5-555| x4A|--3-3-333--5-5-555--3-3-333--5-5-555|E|--------------------1-1-111--3-3-333|
Guitar 2 (Comes in after guitar 1 plays riff 2x)e|-------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------|G|--5-5-555--7-7-777-10101010--12-12-121212--|D|--5-5-555--7-7-777-10101010--12-12-121212--|A|--3-3-333--5-5-555--8-8-888--10-10-101010--|E|-------------------------------------------|
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