Nofx – Life O Riley tab ver. 2


From Wed Apr  9 12:57:18 1997
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 1997 18:08:58 -0400
From: Robert Cerminara 
Subject: TAB: NOFX; Life O' Riley

Life O' Riley
  by: NOFX

 Transcribed by Mike Cerminara        
         (with support from Whitney Jackson)

It helps to know hear and understand the feel, before
tryin' to play this.

First, a bit o' bass tab...  

This is pretty much used throughout the song, 'cept in the chorus. If you can't figure out the chorus, you can't play this song. (By the way, the chords in the chorus go E, D, A, about three times.) Now, the cheezy ska riff...
(play this forever.) And the chorus...
(repeat that three times.)
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