Nofx - Moron Brothers tab

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Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 19:17:39 -0600 (CST)
From: "Mr.Zippy" 
Subject: CRD:Moron Brothers by NOFX

(live Version)			by NOFX



/ = slide

C5 G5 F5 D5 E#5 (X2) (barely play the G5 just hit it on the way to F5) [C5]Talkin bout the[G5]moron bros[C5]tatooed fingers[G5]tatooed toes (solo lick)[C5]?????[G5]???[C5]taking advantage of [C5]eve[G5]ry[F5]one [C5]???your[G5]fleas[C5]take your pick at your [G5]shrugs [C5]leave with your[C5]microsc[G5]opic [F5]bugs[C5]??? you wonUt [G5]miss[C5]your artteries are [C5]filled [G5]with [F5]piss F5 D5 E#5 CHORUS: [C5]They are the [G5]moron brotheres [F5]donUt get [G5]along with others (x2) [C5]well, I (I cant get the rest) ?? f--k ??? ??? then it the part when they sart going Rdo do do do do do do do doS ect... the rest is pretty much the same chords I think. =--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ANDREW CAMPBELL
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