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Nofx – New Boobs tab

                      New Boobs [60's version] by NOFX
                           Tabbed by Christian Koch


 |---------| |--------------| |-------------| |-------------| |-----|
C Am F Ge|----------0----------------0---------------1---------------1------|B|--------1---1------------1---1-----------1---1-----------0---0----|G|------0-------0--------2-------2-------2-------2-------0-------0--| D|----2-----------2----2-----------2---3-----------3---0------------|A|--3----------------0----------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------1---------------3--------------|play twice
new boobs new boobs new boobs new boobs etc.. nanananananaa wah wah wah wah sue etc.. Spoken: my darling, i love you and you know my love is true but sweetheart something's come between us and those new boobs just aren't few [sing above with these chords :|C|Am|F|G|: ] End lick:
Ce|-------------------|B|--13----11-12-13/--|G|-----12------------|D|-------------------|A|-------------------| Ahhhh ha haaaah....
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