Nofx – Stick In My Eye tab


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 10:02:25 -0500
From: Joyce Barnes 
Subject: NOFX: Stick'n in my eye

Artist:     NOFX
Album:      "White TRash, Two Heebs, and a Bean"
Tabbed by:  Ted Barnes

THe intro is done in thirds:

D:---555-x-444-x-555-x-222p1A:---777-x-555-x-777-x-222 2
THen the part after that is done with distortion
guitar 1 E5 D5 C5 B5G:---9---7---5---4---D:---9---7---5---4---A:---7---5---3---2---
while guitar 2 dose the lead guitar 2
The first part of the verse is just what guiatr 1 plays in the second part of the intro, you know the E5, D5, C5, and B5 the second part is done in thirds again
D:---555-x-444-x-222-x-222p1A:---777-x-555-x-333-x-222 2
the courus is E5 G5 A5 B5D:---2---5---7---9---A:---2---5---7---9---E:---0---3---5---7---
the interlude has three different sections the first
G:---9-x-12 12 12-xxx-14\5-5-7D:---9-x-12 12 12-xxx-14\5-5-7A:---7-x-10 10 10-xxx-12\3-3-5
the second is the lead part
the third is simple PM-] PM-]G:---9------9------9------D:---9------9------9------A:---7------7------7------E:-----0000---0000---0000-
something like that, I'm sure you can figure out the srtumming thanks for your time: commments, suggestions, money?,at
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