Nofx - Vanilla Sex Acoustic tab

Title:Vanilla Sex
Album:NOFX/Rancid Split
Tabber:gunners fan

Great little Acoustic twist on such an Awsome song!

C,D,C,D,A X2

Verse 1
C         D    C         D      A
Dont ever take away from me my pornography
C     D      C     D              A
We obviously dont agree on whats obscene
C           D        C      D
I have the right to choose what i
Want to see and read
C           D    C         D
Dont try to take away from me
    A               F5
My right to privacy what i
      G5                  (C D C D 
Do is no one business but me

Verse 2
   C       D     C         D
So stay in your missionary position
I hope that you got bored to death
C      D         C                   D
Theres no way in hell Im going thru life
Having vanilla sex

    F5                   G5
The governments trying to get in
Your bedroom you better lock you
Door and close the shades because
F5                     G5              (C D 
D A  X2)
There could be someone watching you today

Verse 3
F5                G5
Why do you try to make things illegal
Em                   A5
Why do we have to be 21
       F5           G5
Are you afraid that people are having
Em       A5
Too much fun
F5                     G5
Why do you care what I do in my bedroom
Em                      A5
Why do you want to know how I screw
F5                       G5
It seems to me youve got nothing better
     (C D C D A  X2)
To do.


Ok I admit it may be slightly off in parts but it works & it should be better than the 
versions on here at least!

Any Problems PM Me!
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