Nofx - Cokie The Clown chords

F              E       F               E              F                                  F E D E
F              E       F               E              F                                  F E D E

F E F F E D EAll the way from Palm Springs, just out of detox.
F E F F E D EShow him a warm welcome, let's get some applause.
F C AGreetings all, hello. Welcome to my show.
D A#I'm sure you'll have fun watching me juggle
F A8 balls at one time, I'm no fucking mime.
D A#I play practical jokes, this squirting flower.
C FThat wasn't flour that blew up your nose.
D A#It's my special blend of Ex, Coke and K.
G FYou should be okay in several hours.
F E F E F E D EHe's got oversized shoes, and ill fitting clothes.
F E F F E D EThat is real blood dripping from his fake red nose.
I'm Cokie the Clown. I will drag you down those 12 giant steps. I brought you all presents. Against good judgement, but being a good host. You all have been dosed, the kettle corns been laced. The punch has been lined you're having a great time, but you might not recall from the heminol in the lemonade, Cokie homemade... F E F F E D E F E F F E D E
F E F F E D EHe's the happiest clown with the biggest frown.
F E He's Cokie the Clown
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