Nofx – My Orphan Year chords

This is a depressing, yet great song. really  fun to sing and play.
I didn't see a correct tab anywhere, so here it is.
I was nice enough to include the exact times when the parts come in too.


F#m D#5 D

A F#m D A

AMy father had dementia
C#mHe lied in bed for months
F#mOnce in a while he'd call me
DmAnd ask me to fly down
BmI told him that I'd love to
DBut I had things to do
A A/Ab F#mAnd so he died without his son
Bm DI heard about it drunk after a show
AMy mother battled cancer
C#mFor over seven years
F#mI nursed her and I held her
DmWhen time was running out
BmThe night before she left me
DI drank scotch all night
A A/Ab F#mAnd thanked her for everything she'd done
Bm DRaising me alone wasn't much fun
ASo Dad I can forgive you,
EBut I'll never forget,
Bm DMonths I wouldn't see you and when I did You'd be
Aout with your friends all night
EAlone and only nine
BmI watched the outer limits
DWhile scared out of my mind
AI wonder if you felt the same
A/AbThe days before you died
F#mI wonder if you even knew
Why I wouldn't come around
BmI bet if you had been there,
There wouldn't be this song
A A/Ab2006
F#mgoodbye parents
DFor once sincere
A2006 my orphan year
(2:32) REPEAT INTRO so yeah thats about it.
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