Nofx - I Melvin chords version 1

===== Nofx - I, Melvin =====

Intro: Am  Dm  Am  Dm  Am  Dm  Am

Dm AmEyeliner hides the sleepless nights
Dm CYears of abuse, the downs and highs
Am FA lonely drunk staggers on stage
C G Weathered and worn, battered and broken,
Am Dm Am Dm Am Dm Am I feel my age
Dm AmLike a puppet on strings, look he strums and he sings,
DmI feel like a cartoon
CI'm alone on the stage,
AmI'm the man on the moon
FI'm the deer in the headlights,
CI'm the fish in the bowl
GI'm on automatic pilot,
Am Dm Am Dm Am Dm AmI am remote controlled (solo)
Dm AmJust a second guitarist, playing on the 3rd string
Dm CI'm the disclaimer, I'm a Fucking routine
Am FI'm happily a cog, stand me up, plug me in
C G Like a robot I play all the songs, with a grin
Am Dm Am Dm Am Dm AmI am Eric Melvin
---------------------------------------------------------- Great song from Nofx, I hope it's right.. :)
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