Nofx - Total Bummer tab



This ones off Pump the Valuum.
Don't think my tabs completely right
but it sounds ok when you play with
the CD. You'll have to figure out
the timing and order for yourself 
but to get you started you play the 
first chord in the verse twice as 
long as the other two.

INTRO Am C or Am7|--0-~-~-~--0-~ --0~--||--1-~-~-~--1-~ --1~--||--2-~-~-~--0-~ --0~--||--2-~-~-~--2-~ --2~--||--0-~-~-~--3-~ --0~--||-------------- ------|
VERSE Dadd9 Fmaj7 C|--0------0------0--||--2------1------1--||--3------2------0--||--0------3------2--||--0-------------3--||-------------------|
BREAKDOWN Am Am7 Fmaj7 C|--0----0----0----0----||--1----1----1----1----||--2----0----2----0----||--2----2----3----2----||--0----0---------3----||----------------------|
That's the whole song minus the solo which I can be bothered figuring and writing out. Just improvise.
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