Nofx - My Orphan Year Acoustic tab version 2

My Orphan Year Acoustic

tabbed by Tomsotyyo.

this song is played with finger picking, i can't do that well
so i pick it my best.

intro C A F Ge-0---0-0-3------------------|B-1---1-1-3------------------|G-0---2-2-4------------------|D-2---2-3-5------------------|A-3-2-0-3-5------------------|E-------1-3------------------|
B whatever
F something
D something
G something
I call this next part a pre-chorus. idk if it is. or the end of the verse. Pre-chorus. "I had things to do, and so he died without his son" C B A F, then "raising me alone wasn't much fun" strum the F chord. verse 2. C B A F D F pre-chorus. "raising me alone wasn't much fun" C B A F "dad i can't forgive you" C G D F C G D F strum part. C A D ... C A F sad part. (with a variation of the regular arpgeggios) C B A just end getting slower.
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