Nofx – Herojuana chords

(intro) C G# Am C/B

( F )

GLight the match
AmBurn the flour
FLeave behind
CAll the wrong
GWhy be sad
C C/Bb Am F(When) happiness can be bought for a little more then free
G F FModern day prohibition
(intro) C G# Am C/B ( F )
GAre we men
AmAre we children
F C GAt what age can I choose how to live
C C/Bb Am FThe only real drug problem is scoring real good drugs
G F FHaven’t we learned our lesson
Dm F C C/B The corner store sells the finest scotch
F C G G But who’s got uncut powder
Dm F We just want what is ours (dignity)
C C/Bb Am FIf god created plants and buds that I find and abuse
G F FThen who the fuck are you to judge me?
(final) C Am F G B5 Bb5 A5 G#5 C
E|------------------|B|------------------|G|------------------|D|-----0---2---3----|A|3-----------------|E|------------------| (9x)
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