Nofx – See Her Pee tab


By: Joey G. for any questions, comments, problems, love, hate, etc.

This song is off of the "Short Music for Short People" comp. put out by FAT Wreck Chords.
It's 30 seconds long.
I haven't heard the song in forever, so im not sure if the same chords/progression is held throughout,
but I think it is.  Also, this may be lower than it's actually played, but it's right anyway.  I think.
*Also, the opening should be played on a bass, then guitars eventually come in*

e|---F#---A----E----C#--------------|G|-------------9----6---------------|D|---4----7----9----6---------------|A|---4----7----7----4---------------| It can be played either wayE|---2----5-------------------------|
Some lyrics to show you how it goes: F# A "She had lips like stereo E C# with the bass and treble down F# A she had tits like microwaves..." That's it. I saw it wasn't posted as a tab, so I tried to help. And I hope it does help. peace.
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