Nofx – I Am Going To Hell For This One tab

Song: I Am GOing To Hell For This One
Album: NOFX 7" of the Month Club- March '05
Artist: NOFX
Tabbed By: AndyValente
Standard Tuning.(Duh, like they ever play in Drop D or anything!)

    rest for bass part
Jesus Christ will resurrect
He's got his BMI royalty to collect

  Gmaj       Bmaj   Cmaj    Gmaj    
He's no the white fragile hippie

Gmaj         Bmaj               Cmaj       Gmaj
He looks and acts more like an indignant Ice-T

Emaj    Cmaj            Dmaj
Jesus Christ is coming back

             Gmaj             Emaj
He wants to kick Mel Gibson's ass

Cmaj                   Dmaj
Superstar, The Passion Of

             Gmaj            Emaj
He wants his money, not your love

     -Rest for bass part-

He's been kickin' 2000 years
He's fixed a lot of sports
and drank a million beers

Gmaj    Bmaj   Cmaj        Gmaj
Some ecstacy, a thin white line

Gmaj        Bmaj                Cmaj         Gmaj
He says designer drugs beat the hell out of whine

Emaj   Cmaj       Dmaj
Jesus Christ on vacation

          Gmaj        Emaj
Spreading mass sacreligion

Emaj      Cmaj        Dmaj
"Sex and drugs, we abstain"

He thinks christians are insane

Cmaj             Dmaj
They don't know love,

          D#min    Emaj
they know fear and moral hauteur

Cmaj    C#             Dmaj    Gmaj, F#
Scare tactics I never taught

  Cmaj       Dmaj         D#
" If you're gonna look to me,

better get rose colored shades,

             C               Dmaj
Cuz what you see is what you get" 
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