Nofx - The Desperations Gone tab

Am                        C
Trip down the stairs into hell
Cathay de I miss your smell
A mixture of puke, beer, stale piss
Fuck, sweat, and fear
             C           F
Adrenaline addicted, the blood leak
        G      C        C/B     Am
From my head kinda concerned my friends
But at the time it felt so right
F                 Fm  C              F
The music blaring on, now that desperation's gone
                C           F 
(The song is same) The desperation's gone

Turn, tune the knob k-go
Some alternal radio
Strategic marketing hype, media, stereotype
Has our music been castrated? Yes
To you it may sound good
To me it sounds all wrong
The notes and chords sound similar
The same forbidden beat, but
The desperation's gone (the song's the same)
But the desperation's gone
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