Nofx - I Gotta Pee tab

This song is really easy

G|7|D|7|played entirely while melvins screaming i gotta peeA|5|E|-|
On the "Call 911" part it goes
E|--------------------------|B|--------------------------|G|22-xx--------33-xx--------|D|22-xx-22-222-33-xx-55-555-|A|00-xx-22-222-11-xx-55-555-|E|------00-000-------33-333-| . .
E|---------------------|B|---------------------|G|22-xx--------33-xx---|D|22-xx-22-222-33-xx-5-|A|00-xx-22-222-11-xx-5-|E|------00-000-------3-| . .
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