Nofx - We Got Two Jealous Agains tab



A C I thought you were the one when I heard "Holidays In The Sun" G D C G D G C come from your bedroom A C but my mind started to stray when I saw Youth of Today G D C G D G C(bend) mixed with your singles E F What's with this Underdog and this GNR EP? B I don't think Hanoi rocks C and I don't want your Paul Stanley A next to my Subhumans gatefold C I'm not trying to be a jerk G A but I don't think this record mergers gonna work F E But when I saw Christ on Parade, C D and This is Boston, Not LA I knew you were the one
C-G C-G#-G C-G#-GF-G--C(2x)
C G A E I knew you were for me when I saw the first Vandals EP F C F G I found SNFU and cool I owned that record too C G A E seems we both had Social Unrest and sung "she's a pervert nurse" F C F G we both had the first pressing of "How Could Hell Be Any Worse" I knew you were the one
C-G C-G#-G C-G#-GF-G--C(2x)
So now we got two Earth ADs and we got two Killing Jokes we got two Adolescents two Peni's and two The Crews we got two Someone Got Their Head Kicked Ins we got two Declines, two Damaged and two Jealous Agains, A I knew you were the one C G When I saw Machine Gun Etiquette A I knew you were the one C G When I saw the Peace War comp We got two Articles of Faith, 31 minutes of group sex A couple of Avengers, and a pair of Out Of Steps We got two What We Do Is Secret, we got two TSOL's We got two Freedom Of Choices, we got two Three Hits From Hells I knew you were the one -BJ
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